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Uncover the Most Popular Literary Genres


The most popular literary genres according to surveys are Mystery, Drama, Suspense and Action/Adventure. Each of these has a varying degree of popularity across the world in relation to their length, popularity and number of books sold. Mystery has been around for centuries as the oldest form of literature and its continued popularity is a testament to its staying power. There are many different types of mystery and each into several genres. The most popular literary genres in this category are Criminal Investigation, Suspense, hetico Noir and High Adventure Novels.

1. Suspense

Suspense comes in two different forms, Mystery and Suspense. Both of these have been around for centuries and continue to be highly popular literary genres. They are also related to action/adventure with the Suspense genre referring to stories that contain a murder or mysterious circumstances. Together they make up 60% of the most popular literary category in the world today.

2. Crime fiction

The second most popular literary genre is Crime fiction. It’s no surprise that a crime novel would make up the second most popular literary genre in the world. The reason crime fiction is so popular is because it’s a very humanizing form of fiction. Most mystery writers explore crime from the perspective of the criminal, since most crime novels are also written as a work of non-fiction. Most crime fiction authors also use other humanization techniques such as psychological suspense to keep the readers interested.

3. Adventure writing

Adventure writing is one of the more popular literary genres in the world today. It encompasses many different forms of fiction and often has elements of adventure, fantasy and science fiction mixed in. Mystery and detective novels fall into this genre, although most fantasy and science fiction novels do not. Many mystery writers will combine elements of mystery and action/adventure genres to write a cohesive whole.

4. Poetry

Poetry is another of the most popular literary genres in the world. There is a wide variety of poetic forms including love poetry, comedy poetry and children’s poetry. Some popular poetic forms are love poetry and children’s poetry.

5. Romance

Another popular literary genre is Romance. Romance is popular mainly in Europe but is growing in popularity in the United States and in other countries. Modern romance has to do with the changing times and the changing tastes of the people in modern society. Although a romantic story might fall into another category, romance is most commonly found in stories about love and romance. It can be classified by the type of relationship involved or by the subject of the story itself.

6. Mystery

Mystery is an extremely popular literary genre. Although not well known to most people, mystery novels are very popular with the consuming public. In the past, mysteries were set in the past and were composed about time-periods that occurred before modernity began. A modern mystery novel is usually set in the current day and/or time period. Some examples of modern mystery novels include Agatha Christie’s “A Wrinkle in Time”, Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather”, Philip Pullman’s “Hitch Hiker’s Log” and John Grisham’s “The Mystery of Your Life”.

The three literary categories of literature are the narrative, non-narrative and Romance genres. The majority of literature falls in one of these categories. As you read through literature, chances are that you will find a part of it that strikes a chord with you. Reading literature broadens your perspective on the world and your own experience within it. If you enjoy reading literary works, then chances are good that you will enjoy reading more literary works.

What is a literary essay?

Now that you know the most popular literary genres, you need to find out what a literary essay is. According to essay literary definition, it is a form of writing assignment where a student needs to provide their critical assessment of a certain piece of literature. In this essay, a writer has to demonstrate their knowledge of the piece, and base their reasoning on the content of a novel, a poem, or a story. Below, we offer a few more tips on writing a critical literary analysis essay.

Start with narrowing your topic down

Since you are given the name of the novel that you need to discuss in your essay, we advise you to not beat around the bush and start brainstorming the topic immediately. Think about the way you can narrow your topic down so that it could be precise, clear, and unique. Once it’s done, start gathering references for your essay. 

Read critical reviews of the discussed work

Take your time to read as many critical reviews and opinions on the literature piece as possible. All this information will be useful in shaping your thoughts regarding the book in your essay; however, if you have not read the initial piece yet, do it first. 

Prepare an outline

Once you have gathered enough material on your topic, consider outlining your future paper. This stage will save you a lot of time for writing: when all your thoughts are in order, you do not need to think twice about the content of your essay. 

Write body paragraphs first

Since body paragraphs contain all the key ideas of your writing, we advise you to write them first. Do not rush to lay out all your arguments at once: one paragraph should contain one idea and reasoning on its relevance. 

Complete an introduction and a conclusion

Now that you have written the essay body, you can write a few opening and finishing lines for your paper. Keep them clear and precise so that your audience could grasp your essay topic fast. 

Revise your paper

Finally, do not forget to review your paper and check it for errors. If there are any constructions or word combinations that you don’t like, correct them now. If you doubt your ability to edit the paper on your own, consider contacting a college essay service for help.

Literary Sub-Genres

Non-narrative literature can be divided into two sub-genres: situational writing and lyric writing. Situational writing is about events and settings outside of the main storyline. It can include novels such as Americanah, Chokey Poisoner, Burning Love, and others. Lyric writing, on the other hand, is all about using music or words to tell a story. Popular examples of Lyric literature are Mary E. Frye’s “A Whole New World” and Emily Dickinson’s “Emily Dickinson’s Poem to a Full Moon”.

Lucid fiction is a type of literary non-narrative literature that utilizes time travel, dreamtime, and alternate reality. Some popular lucid fiction writers are Arthur C Clarke, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, J. R. Berry, Philip Pullman, and others. One can even compare the idea of lucid fiction to that of scientific fiction. Science fiction works on advanced concepts but makes the statements in those concepts seem entirely possible.

The last two literary genres, unlike the other categories discussed, fall between the genres. Lyrical writing is the most common form of literary genre, as it generally involves stories written in a language resembling English. A lot of popular examples of literary writing include “Ulysses”, “A Time to Kill”, “The Adventures of Peter Rabbit”, “God Save the Wolf”, and others. A bit punk on the other hand is very similar to a Romantic Novel in that it features characters that do not have the ability to talk, only uses objects to say their thoughts. Bitpunk writers are pulp writers that are considered commercial successes by mainstream publishers.

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